Enable Bulk API in Data loader

Bulk API is optimized to load or delete a large number of records asynchronously. It is faster than the SOAP-based API due to parallel processing and fewer network round-trips. By default, Data Loader uses the SOAP-based API to process records.

To configure Data Loader to use Bulk API for inserting, updating, upserting, deleting, and hard deleting records:

  1. To start Data Loader, double click the Data Loader icon on your Desktop or in your Applications folder.
  2. Choose Settings | Settings.
  3. Select the Use Bulk API option.
  4. Click OK.

cautions to follow :

  • You can also select the Enable serial mode for Bulk API option. Processing in parallel can cause database contention. When contention is severe, the load can fail. Serial mode processes batches one at a time, however it can increase the processing time for a load.
  • You can hard delete records when you configure Data Loader to Use Bulk API. Keep in mind that hard deleted records are immediately deleted and can’t be recovered from the Recycle Bin.